Mr. Williams




Click the image below to see the 8th Grade's periodic table project. 


Be sure to check the links to the right for vocabulary from the lessons in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science.

7th Grade Science:

In 7th grade, we study Life Science.  We start out the 1st quarter in the book Cells and Heredity.  During the 2nd quarter, we will be using the book Life Over Time. Once we get to the 3rd quarter, we will be in the book Diversity of Living Things where we will be studying the kingdoms ranging from the simplest cells to the most complex animals. During the 4th quarter we use the book Ecology to learn how all the kingdoms live with and affect each other. 

8th Grade Science:

 In 8th grade we study Physical Science.  The first half of the year we study Chemistry, and the 2nd half of the year we study Physics.

8th Grade Algebra:

 In Algebra, we are using Big Ideas Math series on the iPads.  The site is  Check out the book by clicking on students and then selecting the Algebra book.  Also look at the links to the left for additional help and videos on the topics in each chapter. 

6th Grade Science:

 6th Grade science is a general science class.  We spend most of the first quarter studying Earth Science topics such as the movement of the Earth's plates, volcanoes, earthquakes, weather, as well as things beyond our solar syestem such as stars and galaxies.  During the 2nd quarter we study Life Science by looking at cells, and interactions amoung things involving food chains.  During the 3rd and 4th quarter we study Physical Science with a chemistry unit during the 3rd quarter and then the forms of energy such as sound light and electricity in the 4th quarter.